Brighter Side

Our existence has a great purpose in the world that we lived in and on every people that we meet in our life. We might feel that we’re nothing but a commoner, but we really have a purpose that needs to be discovered as well. We can find it out on our everyday encounter of life.

We are living a world full of challenges and pressure that we sometimes feel like a loser or our existence is just invisible to everybody. But we sometimes forget that on every small thing that we do to our life, it has a great impact to the lives of other people already without us knowing why and how did it happened. Every small thing has a reason whether it’s good or bad nor fortunate or unfortunates. We just need to figure it out at the end of the day.

Every morning is actually another day of accomplishing our purpose of existence. Don’t complain for another day that you need to get up for work or for facing another day of tribulations. Dont focus yourself too much on the negative side, rather focus on the opportunities that you can still do for tomorrow.

Think of how lucky you still are that you can still meet all the beauty of this world even our world nowadays is full of chaos and pressures. Some people wished to have an extended life to enjoy with their loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t end up concluding when you haven’t done anything to prove that you can do it. Believe in yourself than believing other people that you can’t do it. You are the driver of your life. It is not other people. But if you let that idea rule your mind, you may end up living a life of unhappy and unsattisfied with each of the thing that you do.

That’s why sometimes we tend to meet somebody who can be a good influence or somebody that is just a passer by in our life. Nevertheless, there is always a reason why we met those people, it could be that we have a purpose for their life or it’s the other way that they have a rule to take part in our life even if it is only for a short time and even if it hurts sometimes. But what is important is that you were able to help that person or either way around, the person had helped you back. It might hurt you but in the brigther way, you had a temporary happiness with that person.

Sometimes, we just look on the negative side of the story and forget the good story behind it. We focus on the bad things that happened and tend to deny and appreciate the good and fortunate things that occured before hand. We let bad side overpower good things in life. Thus, we somehow say that life is unfair. But it’s not actually unfair. We just dont appreciate small things that happened in our life and neglect to see the brighter side on every misfortunes in life.


Losing Friends

It’s normal to lose a friend or friends as you ages. It is actually even better to have lost someone who doesn’t deserve your time, kindness and generosity. Nowadays, it is really hard to find a real good friend.

When you are at the age of 23 or 25, you can think of having a lot of friends from all different area in the society but it is actually not that way. You may be meeting a lot of people but it doesn’t mean that you can be friends with them (for real). You may have first good impressions for those people but with no assurance of until when? You may have good connections but what about the intentions?

It’s really hard to tell that nowadays, it’s really hard to trust new people. I have to be specific because my old friends are still the best compared to the new ones. Well as the saying goes, it’s not about the time but on how you spend it with those people. I stand to disagree. You may have good times with them but how long will it that be? There’s really no assurance at all because it takes time as well to build the trust and confidante for that person.

Trust is the main issue for new friends because old friends already proved of how real they can be for you, through thick and thin and through happiness and sadness, stupidity and craziness. You may often see each other but still they are always there for you no matter what happens. And when you meet each other, it’s like hours is not enough for the catch up.

I can see the difference from the new ones. New friends are fun though but just so temporary. They’re fun to be with when you go out but won’t always be there you if you need them. Some would just take you for granted with what you have and for what you are. If you are very kind to them, they tend to abuse it.

So let’s be very careful in choosing our friends. I must say, i’d rather loss friends that gain but not real ones. Those kinds of cliques are toxic and we have to release toxic people in our life for a healthier lifestyle and piece of mind.

Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

I know most of you would say that Long Distance Relationship is really hard. It might be hard for some instance because of the distance and the communication which are really the risks of it.
But you have to extend the
patience and optimism that
everything will be worth it at the end. Thus, you have to consider some matters to have it work out
at the long run.

1. Communication

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways on how to communicate to each other and it is even way cheaper now because of the social media and chat apps.
Thus, make it to a point on
everyday that you have like an hour of talking or videocalling to each other so that at least you share your moments everyday
and that what makes your
relationship even stronger
because of that bond that you shared to each other even if you’re miles away.

2. Consistency

Someone told me before that consistency is really hard to achieve and i really do disagree. This is actually the most important ingredient on our relationship to have that spark be the same when both of you have first met. You have to be consistent with the greetings, the moment that you wake up and that before you sleep. Also, be consistent with the
communication, at most. I
believe it’s the easiest thing that both of you can maintain the consistency. Start it with the simple things to have the big thing comes so easy for you to
do it.

3. Transparency

You don’t see each other
everyday nor talk every single minute of the day. Thus, being in a long distance relationship, you
really have to be transparent with what you do or of who you are with. You have to at least share your everyday experience
so that even if you’re far away from each other, you would feel your partner’s presence because you know what he/she is doing in the other end of the world.

4. Trust

It is the best foundation of the relationship. Long distance relationship is really hard when you always have doubts and dont have trust to each other. You have to at least avoid quarrels because that can make LDR really hard. Trust can help obtaining the transparency, consistency and communication in the relationship. If you want your relationship to last long, put big trust to your partner.

5. Prayer

I have read one article that prayer is the sweetest thing that you can offer to your partner. Put God in the center of your relationship. Always ask for guidance and even blesssings about your relationship. Pray to each other. Let God be with the both of you from each other’s absence so that it would be easier for you to surpass whatever test of time and distance the LDR gives.

Unexpected Love in a Perfect Time

Familiarity at first sight, strangers as we greeted.


I’m happy to say that this NBSB girl is finally in a relationship, and cheers to that! Hahah anyways i won’t be telling stories of how we became lovers from being just in “familiar” to each other. It might be an incident or just a real perfect timing to both of us though that we meet “again”. I must really say, love really do exist when you least expect and pain does exist when you big expect it. And he was this guy whom i never thought that i well get to fall in love with. We might have standards but it’s with the soul that will overpower those standards that you set up for. Hence, standards on which it overqualifies when you see the real love from that person to you.

Loving someone is like opening your soul to that person that both of you is so comfortable to each other. You cannot think of the numbers but of the time that you have become so happy being with the person and so real as you get along with the similarities and differences that you have towards each other. It’s being so genuine that do not need a lot of efforts i must say. Efforts are nothing when you are not being who you really are and pretending to be of someone else’s mask. I always told him  that i hate efforts and all he really needs to do is just being himself. I don’t need any tangible stuff, intangibles are the most satisfying effort a real person can show his real love for the person.


After almost 24 years of existence, i must say my boyfriend is worth the wait and patience is really a virtue because God has really this someone to send into your life that will not just brings you happiness, yet will bring you closer to Him and be blessed with pure love and soul.image