Unexpected Love in a Perfect Time

Familiarity at first sight, strangers as we greeted.


I’m happy to say that this NBSB girl is finally in a relationship, and cheers to that! Hahah anyways i won’t be telling stories of how we became lovers from being just in “familiar” to each other. It might be an incident or just a real perfect timing to both of us though that we meet “again”. I must really say, love really do exist when you least expect and pain does exist when you big expect it. And he was this guy whom i never thought that i well get to fall in love with. We might have standards but it’s with the soul that will overpower those standards that you set up for. Hence, standards on which it overqualifies when you see the real love from that person to you.

Loving someone is like opening your soul to that person that both of you is so comfortable to each other. You cannot think of the numbers but of the time that you have become so happy being with the person and so real as you get along with the similarities and differences that you have towards each other. It’s being so genuine that do not need a lot of efforts i must say. Efforts are nothing when you are not being who you really are and pretending to be of someone else’s mask. I always told him  that i hate efforts and all he really needs to do is just being himself. I don’t need any tangible stuff, intangibles are the most satisfying effort a real person can show his real love for the person.


After almost 24 years of existence, i must say my boyfriend is worth the wait and patience is really a virtue because God has really this someone to send into your life that will not just brings you happiness, yet will bring you closer to Him and be blessed with pure love and soul.image




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Aurora Borealis <3

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